Crystals in my healing room

Hello, my name is Liz Hamilton and I offer workshops on spiritual subjects as well as meditations and therapies for those interested in crystals and sound. I am situated in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia. I hope to share a few experiences about my love of crystals, nature, art and spiritual subjects here on my blog.  You can ask any questions alasenmat1@iinet.net.au

Crystal Healing Room


The Madonna imparts a feeling of devotion which acts upon the soul to develop a future capacity for spiritual perception.

Devotion is a quality which develops true empathy where you do not disturb the heart beat of the other by your reaction, but allow the other to live in you. This is true spiritual listening that grows out of inner silence. You silence your opinion, prejudice of like or dislike, and quiet your own emotional reaction. This is true devotion which grows as a force of spiritual perception. 

Love is an experience of the other in one’s own soul.   You surrender to what is before you. A light is kindled in one soul that leaps to illumine another, and therefore sustains itself. You open to the world which speaks. You allow full Presence to be. You become the vessel. This is what the Divine Feminine teaches.



It is tricky to sometimes distinquish the difference between emotion and feelings. Emotion is often pictured like the weather. You can have grey days or sunny, sad rainy days or angry storms. You can be excited with playful breezes or rage with a hurricane. Weather is the interaction of heat, water and air upon the earth.

Emotions and feelings can also be related to water. Emotion is 'energy in motion' and creates waves. These moving waves arise from deep underneath surges or they are imposed upon by the external wind to create choppy waters. Heat makes the waves boil or can evapourate it.  Rocks and obstacles under the water also throw waves up to crash at our shore. These are the ups and downs upon our Waters of Life. Emotions are a reactive response dictated from a past experience or a future fear or hope. Emotion comes from outside us and either disturbs or excites, making these up and down waves. This creates our daily 'weather' mood. Even positive emotions such as 'happiness' is fleeting if we are dependent upon external circumstances in order to be happy.  

Beyond all the waves and weather is the steady sun shining. Feeling is truth. Feeling occurs when you are wholly present. It is interesting that courage means to be 'wholly present'. Feeling's movement is quite a different gesture. Feeling stands in the centre and expands outward. It lives in the present eternal moment fully. Even if we have experienced the feeling before, its past does not encroach upon the present experience. Feeling is forever fresh and new. Feelings do not compel but leave you free. Peace, Love, Harmony and Gratitude also create waves, but they originate from a strong centre and their ripples on the ether are rhythmic and harmonious and generate life force.

No wonder the great ones were called, 'The Masters of Wisdom and the Harmony of Feelings and Sensations'. Where are we when we are rocked by an external event? How quickly can we centre our selves and find truth of the situation? Are we distracted and living outside of ourselves?

In English we have this strange expression identifying with emotions such as saying, "I am sad. I am angry." Our true I AM is never sad or angry but knows these are waves that pass by like a storm on the water or clouds covering the sun. If we can give some space to this and perhaps rather say, "Oh, I see sadness has arisen." Then we can loosen this identification with the emotion. We can give it some space to be. We can hold the sadness in our arms and welcome it like a mother to its child. Our Higher Self can offer comfort and we can ask for it to be released. If, on the other hand, we try to hold the emotion too firm, delve into why we are having this reaction, what occurred to trigger this from our past trauma, we will anchor that emotion deeper in and it will be a long process. Such insights come later naturally when you are no longer in the throws of the waves themselves.

Welcome the waves and the weather and stand strong within your sun centre! The sun can harmonise all!

-  Liz Hamilton Feb 2018



As we stand upon our physical planet with all its many crystals and minerals, we can imagine it as a great cup or chalice of the earth supporting us and holding the entire cosmos hidden inside it. The feeling of this where I live is supportive in a flowing way sitting upon sandstone. Sandstone reveals infinite stripes, shifting layers, colours, patterns, and tiny sparkling crystalline particles, along with seams of iron holding it together and drawing lightning strikes to it. It is quite profound in its depths of meaning. Sandstone holds the forces of water and wind, great heat of the sun and goes far back in time to when human beings were first created. 

We rest in a prepared altar in this cup on earth. This chalice of being is more alive than we first can see. As I am here  living with the sandstone, other areas in locations on earth show different colours and qualities. Our earth is not ‘dead’ mineral but very alive, breathing, changing, flowing and evolving. It moves very slowly by our standard of time. By comparison, we are fleeting in our lives upon this earth. Many times we pass, incarnating and dying away again. The minerals and elements are all part of us, not separate from our nature.  

We sit within a cup or vessel. We enter into our physical body that has been prepared for us. Our body has been created by us, together with higher beings. This preparation goes back to our parents and far beyond. Earth is also prepared within us in all its elements. We hold all the elements, all the crystals, inside our own bodies. We seek to know these secrets.

We rest in a prepared sacred space, tempered by the heat of the sun. We have been involved in preparing this cup more than we realise. Our physical body is our most perfected body and will be the last we need to transform into light. Our emotional or astral body is in immediate need of transformation and this is our present task at this time. As we work through transforming our higher bodies, we can then affect our physical body in far future evolution. Our own harmony within brings harmony to the earth.

Presently, we can relate to minerals through our diet. We can take in minerals in the foods we eat and these qualities affect us. However, our physical structure has already been beautifully formed for us. We are currently being asked to consciously transform our inner life and our attitudes in order to become more harmonious and learn the many virtues that stones teach us. That also brings health to our body. We can develop a relationship to the minerals and crystals in meditation and learn their patient manifold virtues.

To connect to a stone you need to generate loving attention for the stone. Observe it warmly. If you view with cold scientific eyes, the deep secrets will flee from you. You must be very quiet. Quiet as a stone. Usually our inner life is too noisy and busy. Become as still and empty as you can. Release desire, not wanting anything in particular. All likes and dislikes distort.  Even wanting to do something for another can carry impurities. You need to be completely clear, open and empty. Then, in this emptiness, you learn to maintain your attention to the emptiness and not give way to your own thoughts and feelings interfering. The higher works in you, sees through you. You become open to whatever appears nameless. You refrain from even naming or defining it. You do not impose anything, even if it is good. Be empty without expectation. The appreciation that arises out of emptiness is the seed of Love. The true seed of Love is empty attention. You hold space and watch in selfless full attention.

This can be hard, because as soon as we think, we can influence what we experience. It is an art to be able to maintain attention of spiritual experiences, to work with what is good, and then let it go again.  This task then reveals what is real. This principle is the same for our self. We cannot find our self as long as we have a thought or feeling about what that self is. Our expectation and definition blocks our experience. After the first focused intention of loving attention, allow all to dissolve and be empty and open.

Watching, breathing, asking, one word, one picture – all these methods can be used to meditate. You have to find what works best for you. Clear yourself of your ordinary inner activities, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. There are many ways to train your inner being. Take the time out to begin .Each moment is new.

The Cup of the Earth of beautiful sandstone in layers of colours in golds and browns, sparkling with silica, has various shades of green gum trees growing under the broad arch of the bright blue sky. This is a spiritual picture symbolising our human task, which is to grow this supporting mineral altar, this seat, upon the earth. 

We cannot evolve and grow without the earth. The mineral nature is a great gift, a living aspect of our own being. We are it and we are always part of its ongoing life. The spiritual globe over this cup of the earth gives out sparks that are alive and transparent like sparkling crystalline snowflakes. We are held in the hands of the Divine.

- Liz Hamilton Feb 2018



I believe meditation is probably your only free act you can do in your life. You can be inspired and influenced by others to take up the path of meditation, but no one else can compel you to do it. You must take the time and make the effort yourself independently. Even if you are attending a retreat where the quiet atmosphere and time is created outwardly, you still need to inwardly do it out of your own free will effort. 

You find the right mood of reverence for what is beyond. You settle down all your inner chaotic currents of fluttering thoughts and disturbed feelings amidst your busy and demanding life. You give loving attention to a sacred image or word with a moment of dedicated focus of mind and heart. This plants a seed of power within you. This seed grows into a tree that blossoms. This inner tree has branches that stretch high into the heavens and can connect deep into the earth. You begin to become acquainted with your own true being. 

What does this stillness create?

After your mindful attention is enacted out of your own dedicated effort, you can release, become empty and clear. You open to a pure and clarified inner space beyond time where the echo of your willed light reverberates as subtle ripples on the ethers. Here you illumine what is. What is - is revealed. You illumine Presence. You meet true being. You meet yourself and others. Great depths are beyond words here. This reveals the Mystery of your being in pure essence.You can then close your meditation session with gratitude.

What a great gift it is to be present and still in heart centeredness in this modern age! How rare are really good meditations? Yet, it is not the results, but the effort which builds your inner organs. Even when you think you didn't manage a great meditation this day, your sincere effort was received. This 'willed light' is our freedom.

Everything today takes our attention away from our truth and entraps us in outer illusions. We have so much information overload that we don't read anymore. TLDR (too long, didn't read). We can't focus anymore as we flit and click from one thing to the next. We can't do anything but be reactive to what constantly assails us or else shut down out of overwhelm. Our power of Imagination is lost to the virtual reality of images created for us passively. Inspiration is replaced by constant bombardment of noise and tunes that become our mind chatter. Intuition from our true being participating with other true beings cannot find entry. We become disconnected from ourselves and from nature. We lose our power!

I encourage you to take back your power in a simple way each evening and each morning in meditation. This builds power for your being, forges a connection again to your spirit and fills life with true joy, meaning and truth. 

-Liz Hamilton Feb 2018



I have been fortunate to know a few people who bring spiritual radiance to all they encounter by glowing like the warming rays of the sun! Such a person doesn’t tell or direct the plants how they should grow, but simply provides the warming light in the environment. They illumine and reveal others by shining their light and warmth in such a way that it is generous and outpouring as a blessing. They uplift and inspire others with a great force of life force energy! Such a positive person changes the environment and other people by their presence.

This type of positive person knows that we are creators. He or she knows that whether we view the world or our self in a loving way or a judgemental way makes a huge difference. Our thoughts, feelings and perceptions actually create the world around us. We can heal when our eyes lose their critical barbs. Instead of viewing what is wrong, we see the whole and highest potential. This is a huge profound revelation! 

This is the quality of the outpouring of being that IS the sun activity! When the Sun out pours its rays upon us, -  its being IS. This is a magnanimous outpouring of blessing.

A positive person has made a choice to see the outer world and others positively. He then notices how they warm and change and grow!   What we see is largely determined by how we see it. However, we can consciously respond to our perceptions with a more fresh and generous perspective. We can choose in which way we embrace our impressions. We do not need to add a further layer of critical judgement upon what we see. 

This does not mean we see out of ‘rose coloured glasses’ and lose our sense of discernment. Being positive means that if we see something that is unpleasant or unjust, we respond inwardly with an inner correction asking for wholeness, with a sense of loving compassion, rather than condemnation. We refrain from adding our own negativity upon it. 

We bring the spiritual wholeness to what we view. We call upon the highest good to bring the appropriate healing or action to whatever is needed in that situation.Instead of cursing the world, we can bless it. We can choose to see from a higher vantage point. 

We don’t always know the bigger picture. Where there is lack, we ask for abundance in the highest good.Where there is hatred, we ask for love in the highest good. Where there is fear, we ask for courage for the highest good.

All of us have this sun nature within us. We can try to shine a bit each day until it becomes a new way of being. Then we can become the change we want to see!

- Liz Hamilton Feb 2018



Twelve archetypal gemstones written in the Revelations of St John in the New Testament are describing virtues for our future evolution of ascension. I am writing a book about these stones from my experiences.

These sacred twelve teachers work together in a circle to bring harmony and balance from twelve different points of view.  They are sending their archetypal qualities into twelve special gemstones formed upon earth. They work through twelve Angelic messengers through the purity of these mineral vessels.

These are the foundation stones for your ascending evolution to develop Love and Freedom. Each gemstone opens a doorway into your being and teaches you virtues for your inner transformation. Feel these twelve cosmic beings pour their gifts into you:

1. The Mystery of Warmth of your Being teaching Divine Selfless Will with Jasper.

2. The Mystery of your Universal Being teaching Devotion with Lapis.

3. The Mystery of your Soul teaching Empathy with Chalcedony.

4. The Mystery of Divine Love teaching Harmony with Emerald.

5. The Mystery of Cosmic Rhythms teaching Listening with Sardonyx.

6. The Mystery of Resurrection teaching Courage with Carnelian.

7. The Mystery of Flowing Life teaching Positivity with Peridot.

8. The Mystery of Higher Guidance teaching Clear Wisdom with Beryl.

9. The Mystery of the Fire of Knowledge teaching Ideals with Topaz.

10. The Mystery of our Higher Self teaching Forgiveness with Chrysoprase.

11. The Mystery of Inner Radiance teaching Creative Power with Zircon.

12.The Mystery of the Divinity of Self and Recognition of the Divinity of Others teaching Reverence with Amethyst.

 - Liz Hamilton Feb 2018


Lapiz Lazuli

Imagine an Angel of Lapis Lazuli calling you softly as you enter the deep blue of the night sky strewn with golden stars. Feel this dark heavenly blue of a Lapis Lazuli Angel supporting you as you are wrapped in a starry mantle. This Angel takes your hand to travel further into your own deeper being. You journey out with your Angel into the deep blue with the stars every night. Your soul feels, “I do belong here. The universe is really me.” You come to rest and are rejuvenated together with all higher beings and loved ones in spirit throughout the night.

Lapis Lazuli is the doorway to the universe, dotted with sparkling golden stars. You can open this door. You are never separated from your true being. You feel whole and replenished every night with all that lies behind this door of blue. The way to open this blue door more consciously in meditation is through devotion. You can instil wonder and awe for what lies beyond you. This soothes and sheathes you with a feeling of love, trust and beauty. This power of devotion, with reverence for what is sacred, is the force that opens you up to behold higher realms. This calm and protective Lapis Lazuli blue allows you to safely open yourself up in order to view more doors of your true eternal being.

Lapis Lazuli takes the second place in the circle of Twelve Ascension Gemstones. In the text of the Apocalypse of St John the second stone is named Sapphire, but in the old days Lapis Lazuli was called Sapphire. The gemstone to which now has the name of Sapphire was still relatively unknown in the Mediterranean area at that time. The old texts describe Sapphire as heavenly blue with gold specks which is an exact characterisation of Lapis Lazuli with its flecks of Pyrite. Golden Pyrite, as a strong force of iron, is often associated with Archangel Michael.

Lapis Lazuli expands far into the circumference in all directions of the universe, softly spreading and glowing. However, Lapis is not too fluid. You will not dissolve into space. Lapis holds substance for you to unfold your deeper true being with support.

Lapis Lazuli engenders true and pure devotion that instils in you the willingness to sacrifice in order to transform. Lapis Lazuli is a seer stone and a dream stone uncovering the depths of your being. Lapis Lazuli assists you to develop your spiritual vision and instils inner peace with your heart’s devotion. Lapis is a wonderful stone for meditation bringing self awareness and endless depths. This stone reveals to you inner truth as you find infinite realms of serenity. 

I am in a process of writing a book on the Twelve Ascension Gemstones and this is an excerpt from it on Lapis.

- Liz Hamilton Feb 2018


Campo Del Cielo Meteorite

Everything we have here on earth comes from the stars. Once upon a time all the stars and planets were at one, all together. Then there came a separation for our development of consciousness and these stars and planets became separate bodies outside us for us to behold and know.

Meteorites have a special nature as they separated from us and now return back to the earth, bringing with them special cosmic  energy. They are aspects of us returning from the wider cosmos. It is through the inner transformation of human beings in their consciousness that the earth transforms. The earth is us. The stones return to assist us to uplift our attitudes and perceptions. We need to view meteorites as more than simply metallic rocks from space.

Pictured here is a very big heavy meteorite from Campo Del Cielo, Northern Argentina. Its composition is 94% iron and 6% nickel.  It has many molten faces on it appearing.  Although it is very dense and metallic, it feels alive with activity. It is hugely grounding and focusing, giving strength, but carries a different virtue than other grounding stones. It feels really expansive at the same time. This meteorite has the quality of expansive 'space', yet is extremely heavy. 

We associate the meteoric iron spiritually with Archangel Michael and the cosmic egoic force of iron giving strength in our blood. We know the quality of hard nickel carries the virtue for dedication in our process for transformation. As a soul experience, this meteorite feels as if great strength were supporting us from the vastness of the cosmos. It gives us a sense of  'inner space'.  This is a great gift, but one that we cannot hold too long in our hands, but must let it flow out to others and transform.

- Liz Hamilton Feb 2018


Here is Shungite which is a special mineral from Russia which has properties to protect you from EMFs. (electro-magnetic frequencies)

Shungite is an ancient stone, believed to be almost 2 billion years old. Shungite was formed when there were no life forms on earth, deep within the earths crust. The main deposit of shungite on earth comes from the Zazhoginskoye deposit near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia. 

Place a shungite stone or pyramid next to your electronics—like your computer, microwave (better NOT to kill your food with microwaves!), mobile cell phone and television.

Shungite's benefits and healing powers come from its rare, noncrystalline carbon mineral foundation. When it is found in its pure form, it naturally contains quantities of fullerenes, which are hollow carbon structures that give a purifying and miraculous life generating effect. 

If you use Shungite in your drinking water, please find tutorials on line for information about the correct methods to safely prepare Shungite Water and to use the 'Elite Noble' form (rather than the black) which has the highest healing carbon content.

Although Shungite can certainly protect you from EMFs and improve your physical health, it is its virtue of harmony and coherent life force that Shungite is asking you to embody in today's chaotic world. We must relate to stones as spiritual messengers for transformation within us, not consume them as another device, tool or technology. We learn to see the living being behind the physical world.. - Liz Hamilton 2018


Quartz cathedral

Quartz crystals

Amethyst Flower

Quartz, azurite, kunzite, topaz, celestite,

Clear quartz point

Cathedral quartz

Watermelon tourmaline


Black Tourmaline

Mystery quartz with internal cellular inclusions

Spiral Selenite

Golden Selenite

Selenite seat

Rare Blue Selenite Gypsum Rose

Hour glass Selenite as seen with UV light

Golden Topaz (large)

Zircon (Jacinth)




Crystal room

Solfeggio Chimes

Quartz crystal singing bowls on sound box bed

Quartz crystal singing bowls and Tubular Chimes

Tubular Chimes of 13 Tones of Creation